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Flutter app development

Cross-platform Flutter app development is a fast development of mobile apps for iOS and Android with saving of up to 40% of the budget.

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Perfect for MVP

Flutter is a perfect platform for prototyping and running a minimum viable product (MVP). A simple app prototype can be built within the shortest terms. With Android, similar development requires much more time.

Framework applicability

The experience of our flutter development company has shown that Flutter can cover the needs of most mobile development requests, while functionality and sophistication of the technology allow using it in many areas.

Advantages of the outsource Flutter app development

Peculiarities of outsource Flutter development

It’s profitable

The apps have a single code base for iOS and Android, which means there is no need to do double work when editing or correcting the errors.

It's fast

Unlike many popular mobile platforms, Flutter does not use JavaScript in any form. The programming language selected for Flutter is Dart, which is compiled into binary code. That binary code enables  speed that is (almost) comparable with Objective-C, Swift, Java or Kotlin.

It's safe.

Flutter uses native platform security technologies. Its compiled code is not readable.

It’s flexible

If there is a need to implement a specific component of iOS or Android, Flutter allows adding any code. If it's linked to a specific platform, then it will run, naturally, only on it.

It offers strong performance.

Most modern apps do not require complex logic. With Flutter, server queries, file management and platform API  are performed asynchronously and do not impair the app’s performance.

It’s adaptable for both platforms.

The app looks native and absolutely identical on Android and iOS platforms. This allows avoiding double development for interaction with the user. However, you can implement and customize the interface for each platform.

Cross-platform applications are a long-held dream of any business, because individual (native) apps for iOS and Android are much more expensive in development and support.

Flutter is an innovative technology for developing cross-platform mobile Android and iOS apps. An advantage of Flutter development outsourcing is in the deployment on both Android and iOS at the same time, while using a single code base. Development moves faster, with no loss of performance. Choosing outsource Flutter development, you get a high-quality app with nice interfaces and smooth animation.

Our outsource Defi developer team takes care of the complete application development cycle, including scalable architecture design and testing. Our work doesn’t end with publishing in AppStore and Google Play. We provide support and help you improve your product.

Development on Dart

Dart is a language for Flutter app development. Unlike Javascript, the language used to create a mobile app, Dart is compiled into the native code of the platform for which the app is written. It features strict typing, high efficiency and flexibility. The first stable SDK for Dart was released in 2012, and since then, the language has been developing continuously.

Saving with Flutter

Native apps (written in the native OS languages – Swift and Kotlin, for iOS and Android, respectively) do not have any serious drawbacks, but require extensive development and support costs. You will have to create a business logic, layout and interface tailored to each platform. All this will affect the project’s budget.

A cross-platform Flutter app has the advantages of native development and enables reusing most of the code between different platforms, which allows saving, by our estimates, up to 40% of the budget.

That is, with Flutter, we save developers’ time not only by writing one code instead of two, but also by taking many features directly from the box. And the optimized process of working with animations is simply incomparable to native development.

A hot reload function, which is especially popular among programmers, builds the app from widgets in a matter of seconds. Depending on complexity and uniqueness of the project, this gives from 20% to 50% time savings, which can be spent on development of other useful functions.

Conclusion about outsource Flutter development

Flutter is not a single solution to all problems, but a promising framework in terms of speed of deployment and coverage. We believe that up to one-third of medium- and large-scale businesses will move to Flutter in the next few years, following the leaders in various niches.

If you are looking for a fast outsource development of apps for iOS and Android and with no serious losses in quality and budget, give Flutter a chance today

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