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Fintech software development

For over seven years, Skyunicorn team has been successfully developing sophisticated FinTech products. We cooperate with various Fintech companies, from innovative startups to world-famous brands. Our profound understanding of financial systems and successful experience in the outsource fintech software development allow us to create projects of the highest quality.

Fintech development outsourcing

  • Setting up a complete team of developers for creating a ready-made fintech product;

  • Connecting individual experts to your team to increase your levels of expertise;

  • Developing customized fintech Web and mobile customized apps.

Fintech mobile apps

  • Mobile online banking apps;

  • Personal funds management apps;

  • Mobile wallets with support of e-money and cryptocurrencies;

  • Management of personal funds taking into account expenses, analysis of financial habits and offering personalized advice on saving money;

  • Apps with possibility of receiving credits;

  • Wealth management platform;

Our services in Fintech development

Crypto friendly

We accept your project's native crypto as a payment method for our services.


Why Skyunicorn?

Fact1: $1.8  billion was transferred during the year through the platform developed by our team.


Fact2: Our team was one of the first to participate in integration of Samsung Blockchain SDK into dApp.


Fact3: We’ve  engaged in fintech development outsourcing long before it became the mainstream. We’ve been working in the market since 2015.


Fact4: Our team helps to drive development work for two out of four of the first decentralized cloud storage products.


Advantage of outsourcing fintech development


We specialize in outsourcing fintech software development, and have successfully implemented more than 50 projects. We have achieved a high level of expertise and competence in financial projects.

Projects for the established leaders

We cooperate with companies rated among the top 100 best blockchain companies in the world, according to CoinMarketCap rating.

Quick start

We can cover any position of fintech developers within two weeks.


Fintech is a new field in business and there is no generally accepted definition for it. In terms of business, fintech can be defined as a new financial industry built on the latest IT data collection and processing technologies. In terms of the products applied, fintech means new apps (including mobile apps), business processes and models used primarily in the financial sector.

Fintech technologies use the latest scientific advances in big data collection and processing, AI, robotics, distributed ledgers, cloud technologies, biometrics and mobile technologies. Nowadays, fintech is most widely used in the financial sector. However, similar technologies also can boost efficiency of business processes in any company. The team of our outsource fintech development company has extensive experience in such developments and offers outsourcing of fintech project development.

Interest in fintech products arose in 2014, when banks began developing their own apps and mobile services, while modernizing traditional products. Today, every third bank customer uses at least one financial app. At the same time, fintech startups with fresh ideas started to emerge. Their work was more agile compared to conventional bankers and they were not afraid to experiment with money and be closer to the ordinary people. So the market of financial and technology apps and services, including mobile ones, began to grow.

In the business environment, there is an opinion that technology startups can replace financial institutions. However, economists believe this idea is questionable, because startups are not motivated to engage in lending. These companies would rather enter into more partnership agreements, which will allow them to garner people’s attention. Users already are accustomed to the reality that all actions can be done automatically by pressing a single button.

The partnership of the two previously independent areas is highly mutually beneficial. Financial experts and bankers have clientele, access to big capital and the ability to work in a highly regulated legislative field.

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